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From July, 22th till 29th there will be the third "intergalactic animal liberation gathering". We invite (nearly) everybody who feels connected with this topic!

You can find a short overview over the last gatherings in Leiden (Holland) and Oslo (Norway) under the "Gathering"-link.

About the things that will come next on this webside:

There a a few links up there, but they aren´t active yet. But maybe you wanna know, what they will be in some time!? Okay, here is the explanation:
"Gathering": here you can find all important stuff about this gathering, like where is it, how to get there, which workshops and actions will be, how far is the organisation...
"Links": I guess you know what it is...!? If you have any good links, please e-mail us, so that we can put them on the list. "Guestbook": Here you can write short statements, like how beautiful this side is or you can greet your mom, or something like that!
"Forum": I´m so sorry, but this is a german forum (i didn´t recognized it before, how stupid...). There are just a few words, that you can´t understand possibly, but I will explain them here shortly: "Antworten" means answering on a statement. "Zurück" means going back (to the forum). "Suche" is search. I think this are the most important things. Write as much as you can, then this forum is more interesting (I hope!).
In the "Wanna come"-thing, you can send us a formular, if you come. It would be good for us to know, how many people will...rough...If we have more articles, you will find them into the "Article" link! So far till now...Thanx!!!

No hardliners, fascists, sexists and all other scumbags ...!


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The contents of this appeal and any information given during the Animal Liberation Gathering are for information purposes only and are not to incite anyone to carry out any activities that are in any way unlawful.
Informations and views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the producers of this appeal or the organizers of the gathering.